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3d printing a Touch-proof connector

I’m currently working at the Electronics and 3D Prototyping Laboratory at the Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos.  We are working on a biopotential amplifier based on a ADS1299.  The amplifier uses 1.5mm touch proof connectors like this … Continue reading

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Freescale’s sensors breakout boards

A few more PCBs, this time for Freescale’s sensors. MMA8541Q The MMA8451Q is a  low-power, three-axis accelerometer with 14 bits of resolution. It communicates over I2C,  has built in tilt/orientation detection and also tap detection. To make the PCB I downloaded the … Continue reading

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Programando dispositivos HC08

Hace unos años (varios, unos 6….) conseguí por medio del programa de Muestras Gratis de Freescale unos micros de la linea HC08. Comencé a investigar de que forma programarlos, que interfaz de programación construir, que software utilizar, etc. En el … Continue reading

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INA219 Current Sensor DIY Breakout board

Another small board, this time for a INA219. The INA219 is a high-side current shunt and power monitor with an I2C interface. For testing I used Rei VILO library with a MSP430G2553 and Energia, and I measured the power consumption for this simple circuit: … Continue reading

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SHT21S DIY Breakout board

I made a little board for a SHT21 humidity and temperature sensor from Sensirion.  There are several versions with I2C interface, PWM output and SMD/analog interface. I’ve got the one with Sigma Delta Modulation (SMD) output,  is a bit-stream of pulses; the … Continue reading

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DIY ez-FET lite…ghetto style

I have a few MSP430G2955 around but non of my Launchpads are capable of programming this MCU. Texas Instruments released a while back all the informtation needed to build the new ez-FET lite. The eZ-FET lite is a low cost USB-based … Continue reading

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Avalanche pulse generator- part 2

I build a more permanent version of the pulse generator with some changes. The comparator wasn’t working very well with the 1V reference I was using. I made some measurements with different voltage references and got this: Vref Vfeedback Vout(measured) … Continue reading

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